My Tarotscopes are back! 

I’m so excited to bring these monthly downlaods back to you. Drawing Tarot cards for guidance can help us to open avenues of inquiry and direction in life we otherwise wouldn’t consider. Each month, I ask the cards what wisdom would be most helpful for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Based on my interpretations, I offer you practical guidance and a crystal buddy to help you along the way. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant for maximum insight!

Aries – The Star

Happy solar return, Aries! Like Sly said, everybody is a star, but this month it’s your turn to shine brightest. The light of the ancient Divine Feminine will be illuminating your life, shining out from within, connecting you to and making you a channel for this immense nourishing power. This is a great month for stepping into leadership, whether within a structured organization or more organically in your community. Allow your temper to be tempered and rise above any loose grudges or lingering resentments. You’re bigger than that. Stay laser-focused on what you hope to grow and achieve and let the rest blur into the periphery.

Your crystal for April: Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal

Taurus – 6 of Wands

You’re headed into a month of radical affirmation, Taurus! I don’t know what you got into during that retrograde last month, but your intuition is tuned to frequencies you didn’t even know existed and you are revved up and ready to GO. Dream it, do it, achieve it. That’s your mantra for April. Tap into your stubborn nature and don’t stop working/creating/manifesting until you feel that sweet sense of deep, true satisfaction in your accomplishments. The Universe is waiting to deliver the good news that you hold the power to create what you desire. Make sure you’re listening for it.

Your crystal for April: Ruby

Gemini – Ace of Coins

You’ve got seeds to plant and tend this Spring, Gemini, but the most important is the one the Universe just planted inside of you. You are receiving the great gift of the primal power of Elemental Earth, the source of our ability to form our material world with our own hands. What have you been dreaming of building? Of pushing and pulling and forming out of this raw material of a life? These are Big Questions that could easily trigger indecision-fueled panic. Don’t let it. If you don’t have The answer, don’t sweat it. Just keep working your clay until something appears.

Your crystal for April: Moss Agate

Cancer – 2 of Swords

It’s decision time, Cancer! You’ve been building up to this moment, gathering information and honing your unique point of view, and now you are ready to exercise that great power of Elemental Air, discernment. My guess is that some new information was brought to light last month that you needed in order to take this step forward or to even know there was a decision before you to be made. Take time to find the stillness you need to hear your inner communications and really listen to the messages coming through. You’ll find you have all the information you need. It’s time to make the call.

Your crystal for April: Fluorite

Leo – The Devil

Leo, you’re gonna look at me sideways when I say this, but I am truly so happy for you. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, and this month you are going to get VERY familiar with your own personal self-inflicted devils so you can disempower them and send them packing. So, how do you know when you’re looking at a self-imposed mode of oppression and when you’re looking at a legit obstacle or limitation? You push. You push against the world and you push against yourself and you discover all the giant boulders that were really just painted Styrofoam all along.

Your crystal for April: Nuumite

Virgo – Ace of Swords

Oh, Virgo, what a treat for you! Clarity is your bread and butter. To reach the level of daily personal and professional devotion – to process, detail, your goals, your spiritual life – that you have, you gotta be crystal clear on your ideals and aspirations. This month, these will be elevated as you get a major breath of fresh Divine Elemental Air. Find time to be still and stay open to receive. These messages can float in on the unlikeliest of breezes. They test our judgment and our perception. Trust in your ability to separate the wheat form the chaff. 

Your crystal for April: Aquamarine

Libra – 5 of Swords

You’re gonna need a little help fro your friends this month, Libra – your Fire, Water, and Earth friends. Your native element of Air is doing you no favors. Our culture prizes “figuring out” above all other strategies for overcoming difficulties. We like to talk and think our way through our problems, classic Air strategies. But when the issue itself is rooted in the function of Air, we have to look elsewhere for solutions. Take a walk in nature to get grounded, tap into your intuition, and let your heart be your guide. Give that big, beautiful brain a well-earned break.

Your crystal for April: Rhodochrosite

Scorpio – 5 of Cups

You are well-suited for your task this month, Scorpio, never being one to shy away from the dark depths of emotional waters. It’s never exactly pleasurable, but always deeply rewarding to dive down and wait for the debris to settle so you can see clearly what you’re dealing with down there. This is an opportunity to clean out the remnants of some old woundings that keep coming back to bite. Sometimes the smallest things manifest the biggest hardships when they’re not dealt with properly. Take care of some emotional housekeeping and you’ll have a better read on the messages of your heart.  

Your crystal for April: Black Obsidian

Sagittarius – The Magician

Get ready to conjure your best life, Sagittarius! This month you have an enhanced ability to work with the elements, acting as a conduit for their power as it exists here on Earth and in the heavens. My biggest advice – use it early and often. Use it to manifest ideal situations big and small, from the perfect home cooked meal to the job or project of your dreams. It’s easy to get caught up in choosing The Perfect Big Plan when presented with this kind of support. Instead, let the grand dames build naturally as an outgrowth of the small miracles you create daily.

Your crystal for April: Labradorite

Capricorn – 9 of Coins

You’re reaching for the stars with your feet firmly planted in the ground this month, Capricorn. Being practical and determined by nature, sometimes it can be difficult to stretch your thinking around greater possibilities, but not this month. Expansive thinking around how you build your world could lead you to pursue skill-building through classes or self-directed studies. Be open to recommendations from trusted and admired peers and mentors. Push yourself to find the outer limits of what you believe is possible for you create in your world and then push even further. 

Your crystal for April: Pyrite

Aquarius – 4 of Coins

Your rebellious nature is getting a little structure this month, Aquarius, but don’t be concerned – this will only serve to give you a stronger foundation from which to express your highest ideals. Having a little discipline can be freeing. It allows all that mental and emotional energy used to decide what/where/when to be put towards the more rewarding questions of why and how. Look for routines that support your individualism and avoid those that make you feel stifled. Trust me, they are out there and waiting to give you the stability you need to achieve your biggest, wildest dreams.

Your crystal for April: Garnet

Pisces – 6 of Swords

All those beautiful, dreamy thoughts and ruminations are culminating in something worth celebrating this month, Pisces! You can sometimes get lost in your own mental wanderings, but now a little nudge sets a single direction that everything can begin to follow toward a bright – and ordered – future. If you’re confused about which direction to take, keep your eyes and ears open for any clues from the Universe. Turn down the font of generation and set you antennae to receive. You’re ready to come down from the clouds and put one foot in front of the other. Be patient and perseverant and your rewards will come.

Your crystal for April: Peacock Ore

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