Melinda’s Tarot readings are deep-dive guidance sessions wherein she collaborates with the client to discover the most direct route to the Highest Self.

There are no silly questions, no incorrect answers. All aspects of the human experience can help us expand and evolve. And there are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 suit cards in the Tarot deck the show us the way.

The first step is to open a space where the energies that surround the current situation become clear, and identify areas of difficulty. These are the places where the most potential for positive growth lies. Melinda uses principles and techniques of earth magic, hermeticism and Reiki to ensure that the client feels safe as they navigate troubled waters. Armed with the wisdom gathered during the session, Melinda leaves each client with practical advice on how to move forward given present conditions.


$150 / 45 mins

Melinda conducts readings in person at her Los Angeles studio or remotely via video conference. 


$550 and up 

Melinda conducts an in-depth reading and channels the wisdom gathered into a custom jewelry piece featuring precious metals and energetic stones chosen to assist the client on their Highest Path. For more information, see Prescription Adornments.


$200 per person + travel

A Tarot reading for a small group of close friends or colleagues can be a sacred bonding experience. Melinda performs individual readings for 3 to 9 people on site at your location. For an additional fee, Melinda can make custom jewelry to honor the occasion or individual. For more information, see Prescription Adornments.

Email to inquire about private small group Tarot sessions.