It’s a Full Moon in Scorpio tonight and I have been feeling the pull for days. Confusing combinations of thought and emotion are making me feel crazy. Feeling all-powerful and insignificant, emotionless and constantly on the verge of tears, creatively bursting and barren of fruitful ideas. It’s exhasuting and oh so typical. Scorpio corresponds to the Death card in Tarot and when its astrological influence is present, we are wise to call on Death to help us release all the debris that the mystical scorpion digs up from the depths of our psyches.

I’ve put together a selection of practices you can use to call in Death to help you release the psychic debris and move forward lighter in more refined in purpose. Death is a frightening concept that we tend to avoid, but if we can embrace the natural cycle of of all things in the universe, we can begin to recognize that even concepts, patterns of behavior, and emotional frameworks all have their own cycle of life and death. In Tarot, we seek to embrace Death to make room for the promise of new beginnings. Get familiar with this practice at the Full Moon in Scorpio and use it throughout the year to keep your mind, body, and spirit free from unnecessary burden.

Here are 13 ways you can call in the wisdom and service of the 13th card of the Major Arcana, Death.

  1. Drink lots of water. Help your cells to flush out anything they need to release by staying well hydrated.
  2. Clear, smudge, bless. Sage, palo santo, a bell, holy water, energy setting spray, whatever you use to clear your space, use it often.
  3. Take a salt bath. Pour a cup (or more!) of sea salt in the tub. Salt is a magickal tool for purifying and will help soak the psychic sludge out.
  4. Carry Black Obsidian. The stone, born of molten rock, clears heavy energy and also opens communication with the Spirit world so you can receive some wisdom to support your clearing.
  5. Light a black candle. Black candles are used for clearing in candle magick. Set your intentions, light it once, and let it burn all the way out.
  6. Eat sesame. Whether sesame oil on noodles or black sesame seeds in a cracker, you’ll get the benefit of this traditional clearing food.  Get started with this Death recipe created with chef Courty McBroom.
  7. Clear out your closet or workspace. Show Death that you are willing to help out by doing some clearing of your own.
  8. Wear Fluorite with Black Tourmaline. The combination of clarity and clearing is a perfect way to get the benefits of Death. Get XIII Death pieces from my Tarot Collection here.
  9. Meditate, focusing on inhaling purification and exhaling energetic debris.
  10. Spend time alone. Seeing who you truly are when no one is around can help uncover what is safe to let go of and help you find your center again.
  11. Make a list of what you absolutely need to accomplish for only the next day and let everything else fall away. Repeat as needed.
  12. Wear black. Current and former goths, rejoice!
  13. Make a drawn or painted recreation of the Death card from your faborite Tarot deck. Display prominently in a place where you will see it often.

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio, babes! xoxoMLH

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Melinda Lee Holm