Melinda is not currently seeing clients for Tarot Readings, Hierophant Sessions, or Prescription Adornments until further notice while she focuses on her publishing projects.

Practical guidance into worldly and spiritual concerns, channeled through the Tarot and translated with care to empower, support, and enlighten. Tarot and magick opened my life and I’d like to help you open yours. I offer one on one readings to clients in LA and all over the world via video chat. No matter where you are in life or in the world, I can help you decipher the map you were given and plan a path forward.

How does it work?

The short answer is that I don’t really know exactly! What I do know is that for over 25 years, every time I sit down with a deck of Tarot cards, whether alone or with a friend or client, I find that the process brings calm, clarity, and empowerment. From the solace the cards brought me in the darkness of my teenage years to the expansive awareness they bring to my life now, there has always been just the right message at just the right time. I attribute this to a combination of the impeccable design of the deck itself (the language of the card system), the openness of those involved in the session, and the willingness of our guides and angels to step in and help out.


But even if I am wrong about that last part and there are no guides or angels stepping in, no Divine or non-human spiritual aspects at work, there is still the great power of connecting through a language designed specifically to address our human experience. I am not psychic. I only know what I read off of the cards in this symbolic language I have become fluent in through study and practice. I find that when I do read the cards, the experience is consistently and uncannily relevant to the individual and the questions asked and that I am able to take the information uncovered and use it to inform specific courses of action that will be helpful for the given person and situation. To me, that’s the real magick.

What can you expect?

When you come see me for a Tarot session you can expect to have a short discussion of your reason for coming in and your goals for the session followed by two to three ten-card spreads on different areas of your life. We can look at everything from the very general (What should I know about my path in this lifetime?) to the very specific (How can I best navigate the sticky situation with my colleague that I can’t seem to resolve?”). As we talk, I’ll give you practical tips on how to put the guidance that comes up into action. This might include foods to eat, visualizations, candles to light, and crystals to carry. You can count on going home with new ways to frame what’s going on in your life, new perspectives on the whys and hows, and new tools to move forward toward your achieving your goals.


For those who would like a physical embodiment of the guidance they’ve received through their Tarot session, I offer Prescription Adornments. These one of a kind pieces of fine jewelry are created using natural stones chosen for their energetic properties to support your personal evolution. Tailored to your spiritual needs and personal aesthetics, Prescription Adornments are modern-day talismans designed to integrate seamlessly into the ritual of your daily life.


My Hierophant Sessions are designed for those seeking a more structured program to guide and track progress – a personalized school for your magickal practice and spiritual development. Each month you will have a one hour Tarot session with me around a specific goal you want to achieve. We’ll look at the energies surrounding and inhabiting your current situation and then develop a plan to grow and prosper based on this information. You’ll learn valuable techniques in visualization, spellwork, crystal energies, ritual, and more, tailored to your personal needs, experience, and comfort level. Following each monthly reading, I’ll send you a written guide to your work for the month detailing the techniques and practices we have discussed and agreed upon including step by step guides, goals, and inspiration. With loving guidance and dedication, you have the power to create the shifts and expansions you need and desire in your life!

Melinda Lee Holm