Melinda’s signature offering, the Prescription Adornment, is a completely personalized piece of fine jewelry handcrafted for the client with precious metals and sacred stones carefully chosen for their energetic qualities. The process unfolds in two steps…

Step 1: Gathering Wisdom

Melinda performs an in-depth Tarot reading, which uncovers the client’s personal aspirations and reveals divine wisdom and practical guidance. Beginning with a 10-card reading, she assists the client in peeling back the layers of physical, spiritual and emotional landscape as revealed by the cards. At in-person sessions, the client is given the opportunity to interact with the energies of different stones to find ultimate resonance.

Step 2: Choosing Aesthetics

From the state of enlightenment brought about by the Tarot session, Melinda creates a custom talisman embedded with gemstones that provide support as the client moves through the world on the path to the Highest Self. The client chooses:

  • type - necklace, bracelet, or earrings

  • style - orbit or constellation

  • metal - sterling silver or 14k yellow gold


Sterling Silver Adornment

$550 and up

Solid 14k Yellow Gold Adornment

$1030 and up

Prices include individual 45-60 minute Tarot session.

Client Testimonials

"Melinda has a calmness to her that is helpful for a naturally anxious person like myself. We did a few readings and as it went on I found myself getting calmer and opening up. The crystals Melinda chose were ones she felt were the best to help me unblock the energies holding me back. When I wear the necklace I immediately feel a sense of calmness, like a piece of Melinda's wisdom is always with me." - A.W.

"I loved the Prescription Adornment process with Melinda. The Tarot reading was accurate, insightful, hopeful, and transformative. There was a beautiful balance of positive confirmation but also challenge to change some negative patterns that are difficult to face. There was no sugar coating with Melinda.  She is compassionate but keeps it real.  After the reading, I loved the process of picking stones for the necklace. It was very telling of where I am at in my life and where I am wiling to move and where I am not just yet and also in alignment with the reading. Receiving the necklace in her custom packaging with hand written notes about each stone used was so special. She balanced choosing stones that I was drawn too, but also stones with energetic properties she felt would be good for the changes I need to make. I love that I get to wear a reminder that I am in an important process in my life right now. When I look at the necklace, I am encouraged to show up to the process everyday.  Wearing this simple and elegant piece reminds me that I am not alone in my process and that I can choose a new way of being every time I put it on." - A.O.

 "I feel so lucky to have met Melinda, her presence inspires to empower all those around her. I look at my time with her as a gift. I feel so thankful to have this very special, magical one of a kind piece made just for me by a very special magical goddess. I feel empowered and protected when I wear my necklace and confident in owning my light and allow it to shine bright like the sun wherever I go! I can’t wait to see what she creates next for me!” - D.Z.

"My necklace is one of my prized possessions, it's such a rare thing to wear something that is simultaneously beautiful and powerful. Wearing it helps me feel grounded, strong, and hopeful." - C.P.

"I had the most amazing experience with Melinda. Her presence is so warm and welcoming and there is something very wise about this young woman. I was able to have a Tarot session with her that was quite revealing, but also very fun! From that we were able to see the areas in my life that really needed focus and more positive energy. And then, on top of that fabulous session, she personally handcrafted the most beautiful, magical necklace I've ever seen! It fit me perfectly, not just in size but in my personality and taste. When I put it on, I feel different. I approach the day, and life in general, differently protected by these beautiful crystals. I can't wait to get my hands on more of her creations!" - J.W.


Prescription Adornments ship to clients within one week of the Tarot session. While the client’s aesthetic preferences are considered, all final stone choices are at Melinda’s discretion, chosen for their energetic properties, based on the information that comes up during the Tarot session and consultation.

Prescription Adornments are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological care.

Contact for more information or to book.