The symbolic core of Melinda Lee Holm’s worK is now available in a fragrance oil...

This alcohol-free, long-wearing oil formula is the fragrance version of Melinda Lee Holm’s Tarot practice. Created using notes with properties that open Divine connection, promote positive action, and elevate the energetic vibration.

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an energy setting room spray …

Created to promote intuitive action rooted in Divine wisdom and translated into key magickal ingredients by Melinda herself. Energetically purifying and invigorating with an uplifting opening to Divine wisdom. Great for the mystic on the go and any situation that calls for an elevation of vibration.

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And a Universal dry oil for body

This nourishing blend of oils with our signature scent absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth, but not sticky or greasy, and infused with the power of Melinda Lee Holm's Tarot magick.

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Formulated using ingredients used in magickal practices and represented visually by a combination of two symbols - The Hierophant's staff and the alchemical symbol for fire.

The Hierophant is the Divine Teacher of the Tarot, drawing down wisdom from the heavens to help guide souls on Earth. Fire is the element of action and intuition, related to the suit of wands in the Tarot. In this mark, these two energies come together to create the symbolic embodiment of the essence of Melinda Lee Holm's work: Intuitive action rooted in Divine wisdom.

This bright, earthy fragrance was created to embody this essence. Featuring Frankincense, Ginger, and Palo Santo in a sophisticated blend of woods, spices, and florals, this phthalate-free formula contains active magickal notes that purify and protect for a lift in vibration and confidence.

Active Magickal Ingredients

FRANKINCENSE Opens you to receive the teachings of the Divine Universe.

GINGER Activates Elemental Fire to promote positive action and sharpen intuition.

PALO SANTO Purifies the energetic sphere for an uplifting experience.

Cruelty free. Vegan. Paraben free. Phthalate free.

Available in New York at Shen Beauty and Los Angeles at Spellbound Sky

I designed these products to be a seamless fit with daily devotional practice. The key ingredients of the scent are Frankincense (for opening and strengthening Divine connection), Ginger (for activating Elemental Fire energy for positive action, creative inspiration, and intuition), and Palo Santo (for keeping the energy clean). We took a year to get the mix just right, fine tuning it with a blend of woods and florals to get it to convey the exact emotional space I want to feel when I am engaged in my practice, that I want to carry throughout my day, every day.
— Melinda Lee Holm