In the stars,the planets, and all of Earth's creations, there is vast knowledge.

Melinda Lee Holm helps each of us tap into that sacred energy source for vital support along the pathway to our highest personal evolution.

Melinda, herself, is a shining example of how connection with the divine forces of nature can revolutionize an individual’s spiritual and physical journey. Melinda acquired her first Tarot deck and magickal texts as a teenager in Minneapolis. Overcoming the odds of a dark childhood, she transformed her life through metaphysics, becoming a thriving artist, musician and generally ecstatic person. She attended the University of Washington in Seattle, graduating with a degree in Art History enhancing her love of all things beautiful and creative.

Alongside a move to Los Angeles, her current home, Melinda acquired her Reiki Master certification and noticed an energetic shift that brought the metaphysical arts to the center of her life. When a dear friend suffered a tragic loss, Melinda created a personal piece of jewelry with carefully selected stones and precious metals. An object of immense power, the piece offered her friend guidance and comfort through her darkest days. Melinda’s focus quickly sharpened. She saw how she could harness the infinite abundance of the universe and direct it toward the greater good of all those who seek spiritual support and personal expansion.

Through her enlightening individual Tarot readings, coaching, writings, podcast, and fine jewelry designs, Melinda channels the wisdom of the ages into actionable inspiration for the best possible modern life. Her signature offering, Prescription Adornments, is custom jewelry created with precious metals and stones chosen specifically for the client through an in-depth Tarot reading. Each piece creates crucial connections between the wearer’s intentions and the unearthed forces of nature, providing constant guidance and energetic advantage. Owners of these sacred talismans have reported feeling beautiful, grounded and light-filled with them on their bodies.

A favorite of celebrities and style icons in Hollywood and beyond, Melinda counts Brie Larson, Jessica Paré, and Janie Bryant among her most arduous fans. Her work appears in the NBC comedy Telenovela, worn by Eva Longoria, in the upcoming Melissa McCarthy film Life of the Party, worn by Jessie Ennis, and her Sigil necklace is Paré’s character’s signature piece in the CBS show SEAL Team. She is the resident Tarotscope writer for the online metaphysical lifestyle magazine The Numinous and creates Tarot-based recipes using magickal ingredients with chef Courtney McBroom. Melinda is based in Los Angeles, but travels the world extensively and performs readings remotely as needed. She has been profiled on and