This Friday we have a major Moon going on. Full Moon, full lunar eclipse, Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo. If you want more on the astrology, you can get that form wonderfully talented people here and here and here . What I want to talk to you about as a Tarot reader is The Tower. It has come up in almost every reading I’ve done over the past 10 days. Like lunar eclipses, The Tower signifies an ending or endings, and from what I am seeing we are all looking at some profound and potentially surprising (even traumatizing) and very liberating shifts.

We can minimize the trauma and maximize the liberation by meeting the energy head on and calling in The Tower with intention.

First, let’s talk about the wisdom of The Tower. In most decks, it is arguably the most terrifying looking card of the bunch. People leaping from a burning building, struck by lightning, fire raining from the sky, signifying dramatic change. We fear The Tower in large part because we tend to fear change, especially change that seems to come out of nowhere, rocking our core beliefs in the structure of our world. Here’s the thing — sometimes that level of change is good. Sometimes it is desperately needed. And if we can accept that and work hard to identify where our belief systems have become rigid and outdated, we can use The Tower to our great advantage.

The key is identifying and accepting where our beliefs about the structure of our world — the places where we believe that is “just how things are” — are limiting our growth as individuals and community members, and then making the radical choice to tear them down to the ground.

Calling in The Tower

The best way to begin Tower work is with a deep, purposeful, unashamed look at the thought patterns and belief systems we take for granted. If you’re familiar with the concept of implicit bias, you have a good idea what I’m talking about (and if you’re not, take a moment to get familiar here ). While current talk about implicit bias centers on how it plays into the more socially pressing issues of discrimination and violence, we can apply the same thinking to other areas of your lives to find where our thinking and beliefs are limiting our experience of life.

Who are you allowed to be? What is a “good” career choice? How does someone need to behave or dress to be considered appropriate in various situations? Where must you live in order to have the life you want? When is the best time to have children? Get married? Get divorced? Move? Change jobs? How can you tell if someone is deserving of love or attention? What if that person is you?

Go deep and then deeper. Make sure you have plenty of time and water and tissues. Take notes. If you have someone in your life that you can trust to share this work, go ahead, but don’t feel pressured. Tower work is generally a solo mission. Spend a little time each day on it so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you have a good idea of what areas of your mid and life you seek to strike down Towers from, you’ll be ready to call in the magick and power of the Universe for help.

There are very simple ways to co-create with the Universe and the Elements to clear the Towers. All involve placing the things you want to clear in an object and getting rid of the object. If you live near the ocean, hold a pebble or pebbles in your hand and place your Towers in them, then throw them in the ocean. I have done this with fine jewelry as well, allowing it to be transmuted and reborn as beachcomber treasure. If you don’t live near the ocean, you can use Earth or Fire to clear your Towers. Place them in a stone or a bit of fruit and bury them or write them on bits of paper and burn them. See what feel right. And ALWAYS always always consider first the health of your body and the Earth’s body (don’t bury things that aren’t biodegradable, etc).

You can also light a black candle, cook with sesame oil, carry Black Tourmaline in your pocket, or all of the above!

This energy is thick and heavy right now. I am seeing it over and over again with my clients and in myself. The important thing to remember is that it will not last forever and it can be a blessing if we allow it. With the energetic space gained by the clearing, we have an opportunity to build a new paradigm that serves the good of ourselves and our communities at a higher level.

I hope this help, angels! I am wishing you a truly transformative Full Moon and a lovely Leo season.


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Melinda Lee Holm