There are times in life when we are overcome with a deep knowing that we are ready for more. When we sense that the tools in our kit are no longer adequate and we begin to open ourselves to the idea of learning, of expanding, of finding a teacher.

With Hierophant Sessions, Melinda serves as your teacher, acting as guide and interpreter as you embark on a journey of personal evolution. Led by the wisdom of the Divine as channeled through the Tarot and facilitated by Melinda's lifetime of experience in the metaphysical arts, you'll work with complex concepts and practices in ways that are simple to integrate into your daily life. Break through to the next level of your personal evolution with a series of monthly Hierophant Sessions dedicated to giving you personalized wisdom and practical guidance.

Each month you will have a one hour session with Melinda where you will uncover the energies surrounding and inhabiting your current situation through an in-depth Tarot reading and then develop a plan to grow and prosper based on this information.  You'll learn valuable techniques of visualization, spellwork, crystal healing, ritual, and integrating magic into your every day life, tailored to your personal needs, experience, and comfort level. Following each monthly reading, Melinda will send you a written guide to your work for the month detailing the techniques and practices you have discussed and agreed upon including step by step guides, goals, and inspiration. With loving guidance and dedication, you have the power to create the shifts and expansions you need and desire in your life!

Hierophant Sessions can help you:

·       Clear confusion around the past, present, and future

·       Gain insights into your relationships with yourself and others

·       Find creative solutions to long standing problems

·       Strengthen your connection with the Divine and your Highest Self

·       Break through creative blocks

·       Discover which metaphysical practices and traditions you resonate with most

·       Become empowered to manifest the life you dream of


Every month you will receive:

·       One one-hour Tarot session with Melinda including an in-depth reading and discussion around your goals for the month

·       Personalized written guide to your work detailing daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks

·       One 15-minute check-in call halfway through the month

·       One 15-minute wrap-up call at the end of the month (can be booked immediately preceding the next month's reading for ongoing clients)


PRICING for Hierophant Sessions

1 month personalized package $300

3 month personalized package $800

6 month personalized package $1500

Contact info@melindaleeholm.com for more information or to book.