It’s the New Moon in Aries, sign of cardinal Fire, first sign of the zodiac, blazing forth with big plans and bigger drive for making sure they are completed according to plan.  The Tarot card bestowed with official Aries attribution is The Emperor, which gets a little sticky for me. The Emperor definitely has Aries written all over him. He’s strong-willed, forceful, opinionated, and prone to being inflexible. These traits have made him unpopular in our current culture, even though we all need that energy within us to push through projects, manage our lives, and achieve goals. What The Emperor is not known for are the other aspects of Fire, the creative force, the magical abilities, the passion to act. We connect with these aspects more with the Ace of Wands (primal Fire) and the Knight of Wands (Fire of Fire). It’s these more squirrely aspects that I want to focus on for this New Moon spell.

Fire is exciting. It is dangerous. It seduces us with its magic and beauty and demands that we are adept at handling its power before we get too close. Working with Fire requires vigilance and skill. So let’s harness this Aries New Moon power and do a little skill building in the realm of Fire!

This is a different kind of spell. It lives in your body more than on your altar (though of course, I love a good altar representation). This spell is performed throughout the day, every day, for as long as you can manage or up to the Full Moon on the 19th. It is very simple, but you must stay vigilant and tend to it. Are you ready? Of course you are, it’s Aries season. Here’s what we’re going to do:

Every morning, starting today, write one goal on a tiny piece of paper. It must be something you can achieve that day in its entirety. For example, “1 mile walk” or “call Mom” or “make time to cry” or “eat vegetables”. You get the picture. Stretch yourself, but don’t overextend. You want to be pushing against what you would normally do in a day. You want to have potential for success and to feel proud when you have succeeded.

Once you’ve written your goal on the little paper, place it under a tea candle on your altar or in a fire-safe place. (P.S. what’s on your altar? Is there Carnelian? Orange Calcite? Ace of Wands? Offering of red pepper?) Then, light the candle and let it burn all the way out. The lighting of this candle fuels your drive to complete your goal.

Now go about your day and complete your goal, holding that flame burning within, knowing that you have the power to accomplish what you have set out to do.

At the end of the day, having completed your goal, burn the little paper in a fire-safe place (I keep harping on it being little because little pieces are much easier and safer to burn). I like those tiny cauldrons you can get at most magick supply shops. They’re cute and useful and they make me happy. And if you really wanna celebrate? Pour yourself a strong cup of fresh ginger tea after you’ve put that goal to bed. 

That’s it! Easy, right? And as you do this, as you set, activate, complete, and release new goals every day as the Moon waxes, you are forming new pathways in your brain. Pathways that make it easy for you to believe that you can accomplish your goals, that you can create your desired life with the force of your will, that you can master the power of Fire. 4 LikesShare

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Melinda Lee Holm