Japanese gel manicure with a base color of your choosing, adorned with notation of a Tarot reading and natural stones chosen just for you based on their energetic properties. Created in collaboration with nail artist Natalie Minerva of Nail Swag.

Tarot Nails sessions begin with an in-depth 10 card Tarot reading from Melinda. Based on the information that comes up in the reading, she recommends natural stones that carry energies beneficial to the client and their current situation.

After the reading, Natalie creates nail designs with Melinda’s notation of the Tarot reading and her stone recommendations according to the clients personal esthetics using premium Japanese nail gel.

The result is a custom set of gorgeous, durable nails that carry the wisdom of the Tarot and crystal energy on every finger to match each client’s style and spiritual needs.

$250 at Nail Swag, Los Angeles.