My Tarot Philosophy

The Tarot is a mirror of the fullness of human experience available to us. If we're lucky, we'll live a moment or a lifetime in each of the cards. I believe that there are no "bad" or "good" cards (though of course there are some that make me smile more than others). If we stay away from judging human experience, we can start to embrace all of the steps on this path we are walking on this planet at this moment in space and time. I believe we all have a destiny, that we were put on this planet to learn and to teach and to share something or many things, and that this is the overall purpose of our human experience. There are many ways to fulfill this destiny and we have the free will to choose how we do this. For this reason, I do not view the Tarot as a tool for prediction. I use it to gain insight into the present in order to empower myself and others to make more informed choices in the service of our personal and collective destinies. We can all walk away from a session and turn some tiny internal dial deep inside of us one click to the left or right and change how we experience the entire energetic landscape. My goal in using the Tarot is to illuminate the dials.

My readings

My Tarot readings are deep dive guidance sessions in which we open up to Spirit, our Guides, and our highest selves, uncovering and interpreting information to form a plan to help you move forward on your highest path.

I consider my readings a collaboration between me, my clients, and our Guides. My intention is to open a space where we can see clearly the energies that are surrounding your current situation to identify areas that may be causing difficulty or that have potential for positive growth and expansion. Once we have thoroughly explored the messages laid out on the cards relating to the present situation, we move on to formulate a plan for growth and expansion that will serve your highest good and support your personal evolution. Throughout this process, my highest priority is the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of my clients. I use principles and techniques of my Reiki Master training to ensure that my clients feel safe and cared for as we navigate these deep waters together.

It is my strong belief that each of us has an inner flame that, when stoked, can grow to light our path and even the paths of others through our brightest and darkest times. I consider it a great honor and privilege to help clients expand their illumination.


Individual readings

Individual readings can be conducted in person in my Los Angeles studio or via video conference.

Sessions average 45-60 minutes.

$120 per session

House calls +$200 for Los Angeles, additional fee by mileage for anywhere outside Los Angeles

Individual reading with Prescription Adornment

See Custom Jewelry

Private small group readings

Individual readings for small groups of 3 to 9 people on-site at your location. Tailored around the marking of a milestone or occasion, Tarot readings for a small group of close friends or colleagues can be a sacred bonding experience. Custom adornments made to honor the occasion or the individual can be added on. Price for custom adornments varies with type, material, and style.

$175 per person + mileage


Shorter readings designed to provide high level insight in an uplifting environment appropriate to a social setting. Approximately 3 readings per hour, 5 hours maximum.

$200 per hour + setup/staging/mileage (varies by location)