The Initiate Collection - Pyrite


The Initiate Collection - Pyrite

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Single stones on delicate silver or gold chains, The Initiate adornments are designed to embody the purity of devotion at the outset of the journey. Each stone in the series carries an energy that can grow and develop with its wearer as they evolve from novice to master on their personal path. 

Available in 2 lengths in solid Sterling Silver or 14k Yellow Gold.

Pyrite is the master stone for manifesting dreams into reality. Wearing Pyrite promotes the confidence, creativity, and willpower needed to accomplish goals large and small. and opens up a path of positive action and growth.

Silver is the metal of the Moon. The lunar energy calls forth the deep and powerful intuition and introspection of the High Priestess. Silver can help open the door to the subconscious, encouraging exploration of the hidden aspects of the Self and the World.

Gold is the metal of the Sun. The solar energy it carries illuminates a path forward and invigorates the center of the Self. Gold promotes confidence, growth, creativity, and action. The energetic properties of natural stones are amplified when paired with Gold.

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All stones are individually hand-selected for their beauty and energy. Following selection, the stones are blessed ceremonially under a full moon. Once the pieces are completed, they are blessed again to seal the energy of each piece as a distinct entity and to prepare them for their new lives of service.

The stones used in MLH pieces are all natural and will vary slightly in color, size, and shape.  This is part of the beauty of each unique adornment. Jewelry pieces shown are examples and not the actual pieces being purchased. 

All items ship within 1 week of order.