Bespoke Adornments


Bespoke Adornments

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Bespoke Adornments are individually handcrafted pieces of fine jewelry made to order based on your responses to a short questionnaire. The 22 statements presented are designed to provide insight into your personal energetic make-up and the energies that surround you so that stones can be chosen to help provide balance and support where you need it.

Bespoke Adornments ship to clients within one week of order. All stone choices are at the discretion of Melinda and are chosen for their energetic properties based on information provided by clients in the questionnaire. Bespoke Adornments are not intended to be a replacement for medical or psychological care.

Lengths vary with stone count.

Light weight chain:
3 stone   18 inch total length
5 stone   20 inch total length

Heavy weight chain:
3 stone   32 inch total length
5 stone   34 inch total length

Choose your metal, chain, stone count, and finish preferences below and add to cart to be directed to the questionnaire.

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All stones are individually hand-selected for their beauty and energy. Following selection, the stones are blessed ceremonially under a full moon. Once the pieces are completed, they are blessed again to seal the energy of each piece as a distinct entity and to prepare them for their new lives of service.

The stones used in MLH pieces are all natural and will vary slightly in color, size, and shape.  This is part of the beauty of each unique adornment. Jewelry pieces shown are examples and not the actual pieces being purchased. 

All items ship within 1 week of order.