Prescription Adornments are the crown jewel of Melinda's offerings.

She came upon this process intuitively when seeking to help a dear friend in need and has developed and refined it to be an exemplary tool for personal evolution. These pieces are individually handcrafted for each client based on an in-depth Tarot reading and consultation and made to assist and provide support according to your personal energetic needs as you work through issues, pursue goals, and focus on states you are striving to achieve. In alignment with her personal worldview and Tarot philosophy, Melinda works to provide practical guidance and wisdom that can be easily integrated into daily life yet have a profound impact on quality and meaningful understanding of life. The careful choice of gemstone combinations serves to provide continued support and guidance long after the session is complete through the unique energetic imprint carried by each Prescription Adornment.

The Prescription Adornment process unfolds in two parts, Gathering Wisdom and Choosing Aesthetics.


Gathering Wisdom

  • Tarot session
  • Interaction with mineral specimens (in person only)
  • In-depth consultation

The Prescription process begins with a full Tarot session with Melinda either in person at her studio in Los Angeles, at your home, or via video chat. Starting with a general 10 card reading, we peel back the layers of meaning embedded in the physical, spiritual, and emotional landscape of your life as reflected in the cards. 


Choosing Aesthetics

  • Type - Necklace or Bracelet
  • Style - Orbit or Constellation
  • Metal - Sterling Silver or Solid 14k Yellow Gold

Prescription Adornments ship to clients within one week of the session. While client aesthetic preferences are considered, all final stone choices are at the discretion of Melinda and are chosen for their energetic properties based on the information that comes up during the Tarot session and consultation.

Prices start at $550 for Sterling Silver, $1030 for Solid 14k Yellow Gold.

Prescription Adornments are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological care.