Melinda Lee Holm is a 

Los Angeles based 

Tarot Reader, Jeweler, and crystal energy specialist.

Through her Tarot sessions, writings, and jewelry, she seeks to empower and support individuals as they pursue their personal evolution. Melinda specializes in Prescription Adornments- custom fine jewelry made with stones chosen for their energetic properties, based on an in-depth Tarot session. She is passionate about combining the wisdom of the stars and planets, the Earth's creations, and the Tarot in creative ways that can be integrated easily and stylishly into a modern life.

Brie Larson, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Paré, and designer Janie Bryant are all fans and clients of Melinda's. Her work appeared on Eva Longoria in her NBC comedy 'Telenovela' and a custom piece can be seen on Jessie Ennis in the upcoming Melissa McCarthy film 'Life of the Party'. She has been profiled by and is a contributing writer to metaphysical fashion & lifestyle magazine,

Melinda's work is informed by her background in Art History and her conviction that self-adornment is a sacred act. 


Client Testimonials

 "I feel so lucky to have met Melinda, her presence inspires to empower all those around her. I look at my time with her as a gift. I feel so thankful to have this very special, magical one of a kind piece made just for me by a very special magical goddess. I feel empowered and protected when I wear my necklace and confident in owning my light and allow it to shine bright like the sun wherever I go! I can’t wait to see what she creates next for me!” - D.Z.

"My necklace is one of my prized possessions, it's such a rare thing to wear something that is simultaneously beautiful and powerful. Wearing it helps me feel grounded, strong, and hopeful." - C.P.

"I had the most amazing experience with Melinda. Her presence is so warm and welcoming and there is something very wise about this young woman. I was able to have a Tarot session with her that was quite revealing, but also very fun! From that we were able to see the areas in my life that really needed focus and more positive energy. And then, on top of that fabulous session, she personally handcrafted the most beautiful, magical necklace I've ever seen! It fit me perfectly, not just in size but in my personality and taste. When I put it on, I feel different. I approach the day, and life in general, differently protected by these beautiful crystals. I can't wait to get my hands on more of her creations!" - J.W.